Kępa Mieszczańska
Kępa Mieszczańska - a prime investment opportunity in the heart of Wrocław

Prime investment opportunity in the heart of Wrocław


KĘPA MIESZCZAŃSKA – a one-of-a-kind place in Wrocław, peaceful and cosy, yet still with convenient access to all the city has to offer. This green heart of Wrocław, located directly on the Oder river banks, is perfect for both active leisure and relaxing under the trees.

Kępa Mieszczańska is the hallmark of Wrocław, marrying its history and charming greenery with modern design. Part of the Nadodrze housing estate, the island stretches from the University Bridge (most Uniwersytecki) to the Burgher’s Bridge (most Mieszczański). It is embraced by two river branches, taking on a characteristic shape.

The history of the island reaches back as far as the 13th century. In the past long gone, there used to be only warehouses here. The appeal of Kępa Mieszczańska and the opportunities related to its location make it a truly exceptional spot—its embankments, quay, stylish restaurants, and extraordinary residential buildings have given the island a new, multi-faceted character.

Kępa Mieszczańska - Location

Discover a one-of-its-kind place that offers both peaceful privacy and convenient access to all the city has to offer.

Kępa Mieszczańska - Architecture

The modern, carefully designed buildings fit perfectly well within the skyline and the vibe of the city. High-quality finishes guarantee their durability and timeless elegance.

Green Areas
Kępa Mieszczańska - Green Areas

The green areas in the immediate vicinity make for a great place for both relaxed and active leisure, suited for the youngest residents as well thanks to several playgrounds and attractions.

High Standard
Kępa Mieszczańska - High Standard

From the overall design to minor details, the high standard and exceptional quality of the investment show throughout. Its modern architecture matches the spirit of the fast-developing Wrocław.

List of Commercial Units


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Investment Plan


The investment consists of two modern, eight-storey buildings. For the sake of convenience, they have two staircases, elevators, and two-level underground car parks with 557 parking spaces. Storage rooms are also available on the ground level in building B.

Both buildings house 453 spacious, well-lit flats. The investment comes with its own complete infrastructure. The ground level of building A is designated for service units. Wide pavements, pathways, and enchanting green areas—it’s all right here.

UWAGA: Wszystkie mieszkania w naszej inwestycji zostały już sprzedane!

Aktualnie w ofercie posiadamy jeszcze lokale usługowe oraz miejsca postojowe w garażu podziemnym, po szczegóły oferty zapraszamy do kontaktu z naszym biurem sprzedaży.

Metraże lokali usługowych w budynku A: 75 m² - 181 m².



Thanks to its location, Kępa Mieszczańska fits right into the modern city living style. The market square and other hotspots in the city centre are just a few minutes’ walk away. Perfectly convenient to visit the numerous restaurants, theatres and museums nearby.

Still, the Oder puts a safe distance between the investment and the hubbub of the city, creating a tranquil and comfortable place for the residents of Kępa Mieszczańska. In brief, just the right balance between the needs of the mind and the body.



Kępa Mieszczańska stands out thanks to its high standards and modern character.  The investment has been painstakingly planned, combining excellent design and unorthodox ideas. Many impressive solutions were applied in designing the spacious flats, luminous and outstandingly stylish owing to the large windows. The entire investment goes above and beyond architecture standards. Uniform in the colour palette, the interiors are classically minimalistic and polished. These flats will surely be appreciated by those who value practicality and elegance, even the most demanding ones. After all, the space around us has a great impact on the quality of our life.

Close to nature


Kępa Mieszczańska comprised over four hectares of green areas — parks and promenades. Most of the green areas are located in the central and northern parts of the island. Places for relaxation and entertainment are being developed along the river banks.

Kępa Mieszczańska from above


Photos from construction




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